Steve Kerr Reacts To The Warriors’ Abysmal Start To The Season


No one thought the Golden State Warriors would be able to compete for a championship this season but in that same breathe, no one thought they would be the worst team in the league either. With injuries to Klay Thompson and Steph Curry, the Warriors have been awful and have started the year with a record of 2-10. Last night, they suffered their fifth straight loss as they got blown out on the road by the Los Angeles Lakers.

Head coach Steve Kerr is well aware of his team’s shortcomings although he doesn’t want them to get complacent with how bad they are. In an interview with Scott Cacciola of The New York Times, he explained what the team needs to do moving forward.

Harry How/Getty Images

“I don’t want our mind-set to just allow failure to sink in,” Kerr said. “Because we all read stuff, we all hear stuff and we all see stuff. Players have it at their fingertips on their phones, and all the chatter out there is, ‘All right, so the Warriors are going to be in the lottery.’ But we can’t succumb to that. We have to fight and scrap for every win we can get.”

With Curry out for the longterm, the Warriors are going to be in tough for the rest of the season. While Kerr doesn’t want to become a lottery team, maybe it would be for the best.



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