“Steve Urkel” Actor Jaleel White Launches “Purple Urkle” Cannabis Line


The cannabis industry continues to expand with hopes that federal legalization, or at the very least decriminalization, is on the way. Biden hasn’t necessarily given the thumbs up but Chuck Schumer recently offered a promising update on a bill he plans to pass that could remove the plant from the controlled substance list and potentially expunge cannabis-related offenses.

Fotos International/Archive Photos/Getty Images

As many entertainers, like Jay-Z and Seth Rogen, stepped into the industry, one person you might not have expected to follow suit is Jaleel White, known for his role as Steve Urkel on Family Matters. Per Forbes, the actor joined forces with 710 Labs to launch a new line called ItPurple including a variety of products of the strain Purple Urkle. The partnership only makes sense and White explained that he’s seeking to become a trailblazer for “fire purple weed.” 

“The thing that always stood out to me was there no clear brand leader for fire purple weed,” Jaleel White told Forbes. “It made no sense to me, that no company of significance had claimed this lane, so why not me?”

The product will appropriately hit shelves on 4/20 available as live resin pods, eighths, and pre-rolled joints known as Noodle Doinks. 

“Jaleel is a big fan of the Noodle Doinks and the Live Resin Pods,” 710 Labs founder Brad Melshenker said. “The Noodle Doinks will come in 3 pheno’s of Purple Urkle and of Stefan, and the Live Resin Pods will come in Mendo Purps x Zkittlez to start, which by the way, is probably my favorite pod flavor to date. It’s a straight candy flavor with a grape Big League Chew vibe on the exhale.”

Check a few of the best responses to the announcement below. Will you be trying 710 Labs x ItsPurple’s new cannabis line?