Stone Cold Steve Austin Sells Gorgeous LA Home For Huge Price


Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the best and most recognizable wrestlers of all time. When you spend so much time in the WWE, you can certainly afford some of the finest things life has to offer, including a gorgeous mansion in Marina Del Rey. Over the years, Austin has been doing some renovations to the place and according to TMZ, he decided to put it up for sale recently.

The place is truly beautiful as it has a large patio space and an even bigger backyard space that is perfect for the family. Meanwhile, the kitchen has been completely renovated all while there is a home office that is big enough for anyone to use. If you want to see pictures of the place, you can do so right here.

Steve Austin

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Re-Max was able to sell the place for a whopping $3.4 million which just goes to show how valuable the place is. The entire place is 3,000 square feet, which is certainly impressive and we’re sure the new owners are going to love it once they have completely settled down.

As for Austin, he is currently working on his own projects, and we’re sure this latest injection of cash will prove to be useful for him.

Steve Austin

Moses Robinson/Getty Images for Wendy’s