Stream Booggz’s New Fire-Filled EP “Woke Up In…”


Earlier this week, Toronto-based rapper Booggz dropped a new EP titled Woke Up In…, containing five tracks, “1AM In New York,” “Barcelona” and “New York.”

The songs all feature Booggz’s strange, inflection-filled, fast-paced style of rapping. “Barcelona” boasts the strongest hook: “I ain’t never been to Barcelona/I ain’t never drink me a Corona” raps Booggz, but all three tracks hold up.

Some of Booggz’s best work has come when he partners up with Murda Beatz for tracks like “Go Hard,” or “Coup’d Up.” Of their collaborating, Booggz has said, “When me and Murda get in the studio it’s like when Steph and Klay get in the gym. He motivates me I motivate him that’s my splash brother. ‘Coup’d Up’ is actually one of Murda’s favorite records, we got a few in the bag.”

Check out Woke Up In… below.


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