Stream Earl Sweatshirt’s New Track “MTOMB” Produced By The Alchemist


At only a minute in length, “MTOMB” is the shortest track off Earl’s surprise release, Feet of Clay, but as with most of Earl’s work, its about quality over quantity. Its title is a play on the 70s funk group “Mtume” from whom The Alchemist borrows the track’s central sample. “MTOMB” is filled with Earl’s meticulous wordplay, vivid imagery, and introspective themes. Bars like “The socialite reformed, alone every night/Post-performance, dizzy in the corner, boy, it wasn’t nice” paint a candid picture of Earl that fans listen for. It’s a depressing vibe, but one most fans have come for. 

The aforementioned Alchmenist-helmed production plays into the song’s themes perfectly: it’s drowsy and dark. In the context of the record it’s an odd vibe change from the previous song “EAST,” but on its own, it’s brilliant. Check out “MTOMB” below.

Quotable Lyrics:

I make up the easel first, then paint what I see through
The maze, I’m an eagle, spend a day up at the creek
We got the same amount of heat too, but they not as regal
Crudités not gon’ cut it, cut it slight


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