Stream “Randomly” Off Lucki’s New Album “Days B4 III”


Chicago’s own Lucki dropped his second project of the year on Friday. As for how Days B4 III compares to Freewave 3 remains to be seen; however, it’s clear this new project has some undeniable fire. “Randomly” in particular, is a stand-out track. 

Lucki’s ability to flow through bars seamlessly is top-tier. The chorus “My ex be fans of me/When it all got real, you ran on me/Two months ago couldn’t stand lil’ me/Now she wanna be apart of my fantasy” blends together in a subtly impressive way that is conducive to encapsulating the listener in dark, drugged-out vibe. Pair that with the beat Lucki does and you’ll find yourself lost in the moment. It’s a symbiotic pairing. 

Lucki is one of the most impressive rappers coming out of Chicago. His hazy, cryptic take on the scene is refreshing and worth lending an ear to. Stream “Randomly” below and stream the rest of Days B4 III here.

Quotable Lyrics:

Tell her quit playin’ with me
Fuck with the 20 ounce, drownin’ me
I’m ‘posed to be out of town again
But all my bitches keep flyin’ in, ayy


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