Stunna 4 Vegas Got Into Trouble With Police So Often It Impacted DaBaby’s Career


To say that DaBaby is frustrated with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is an understatement. Days ago, the North Carolina rapper exposed authorities in his hometown, accusing them of targeting him once again. According to DaBaby, officers have consistently put him in their crosshairs, and earlier this week, they even detained him following his holiday show at Bojangles Coliseum.

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DaBaby was quickly released with a citation, but that doesn’t mean the rapper isn’t planning on exposing the police department for what he says is their discriminatory ways. He isn’t the only Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment artist who has been on the wrong side of the Charlotte police, as Stunna 4 Vegas shared with VladTV that his antics became so problematic that it began to affect DaBaby’s career.

“When I first signed with Baby, the first couple shows, probably like, five of ’em in Charlotte, every single one of ’em I had gotten arrested,” Stunna revealed. “Not like arrested… Like, they searched my truck or arrested somebody on my truck or put us all in cuffs. Charlotte police never locked me up for nothin’. They never took me to jail. They was just always, like pull us over, take every gun I had.”

Stunna admitted that “first, I was moving wrong,” stating that the first time he was confronted by officers “it made sense.” Later, cops were aware of his troublesome behavior and anytime they pulled him over and smelled even a little bit of marijuana, they’d pull him and his entourage out, sit them on the side of the road, and lecture them about rappers.

Eventually, Stunna said that his run-ins with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department were impacting DaBaby. “He was rising and I was like, on the come up, but he was transitioning. I didn’t even have a deal yet.” The rapper shared a story about officers sitting DaBaby down and telling him that “what y’all got goin’ on is perfect but that artist, he need to watch what he do.” Stunna added that “it was ’cause I was showin’ out all the time… For sure I was gettin’ too much money at that time.” DaBaby always took care of him and made sure he was taking to stages and getting his cash flow, and it was coming in so fast that Stunna was beginning to believe he was nearly untouchable.

Charlotte police were consistently alerting DaBaby of Stunna’s behavior, but Stunna claimed that there were other departments who thought of him as a problematic artist. Club owners would cancel shows and promoters would take losses because they had to move a show to another state. “It was gettin’ bad and it was just ’cause of what I was rappin’, all my videos how they look,” Stunna said of his gun-wielding visuals.

After signing his label deal, cops are still pulling him over, but these days his traffic stops come with lectures as they tell him he can’t continue to make the same mistakes as he’s previously made. Watch his clip below.


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