Styles P Calls For The Rap Game To Unionize After Black Rob’s Story Goes Viral


On the heels of the tragic news of DMX’s passing, the Rap world was dealt another blow after concerning videos of Black Rob went viral. The former Bad Boy rapper found success in the 1990s and 2000s, especially after his classic single “Whoa” became a hit. While Black Rob has continued to make music, a series of health issues, including reported multiple strokes, have kept the beloved emcee from pursuing his goals as quickly as he’d like.

As the world rallies together to mourn the death and celebrate the life of Mr. Earl Simmons, there are some rappers who are calling for the Rap industry to organize in order to continue to help artists. Styles P took to Instagram to call for a Rap Union where artists are protected in cases of emergencies or illness.

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“Where is the union for rappers and artists?!?!?!?!?” asked Styles. “What is happening to black Rob Has happened to too many artists before him and will continue to happen to artists after him. Protection and a union is much much needed..and to those who are up that came from the bottom remember how it feels to be down and help out if you could . We need a union!!!!!!!”

Over the years, we’ve heard of rappers—from icons to aspiring artists—facing financial struggles due to illnesses or unforeseen circumstances. Do you think the Rap industry will benefit if artists unionize? Check out Styles P’s posts below.