Summer Walker Brushes London On Da Track’s Teeth For Him: Watch


Summer Walker has been getting flack for her personal hygiene routines. After sharing an Instagram story of her washing bowl and emphasizing how she hates taking showers, some people popped up in her comments shaming her for her preferences. People’s convictions that Summer isn’t particularly clean weren’t helped by her posting another story in which she blows in her boyfriend and musical collaborator, London On Da Track’s face and he covers his nose in seeming disgust. 

However, the R&B songstress is not one to put up with the bullshit, as was made clear when she walked off stage at her Mala Luna Festival performance due to sound issues. She clapped back by reposting the comment and writing, “Stay out my comments with that dummy shit. I take showers, I don’t like them because I like baths in very nice jacuzzi or garden tubs. If I don’t have time or whatever I’ll take a h*e bath in the sink (something that every female has taken in their lives), yes I use soap.”

The Over It artist proved her dedication to personal hygiene again by filming herself brushing her BF’s teeth. London passively attends to his phone call while Summer does a thorough job of scrubbing away at his teeth and tongue. Now, leave her alone. 


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