Summer Walker Delivers Stunning Cover Of Don Toliver’s “No Idea”


Summer Walker will always find a way to impress you. Just put a guitar in her hands and set up a microphone in front of her. That’s all it takes for you to be entertained. 

The Atlanta native is making the most of her quarantine, spending her time making music and covering other songs in an original fashion. The way Summer Walker performs is unique. She has her own signature style and she’s unafraid to bring other artists into her world. While a collaboration between Don Toliver and Summer Walker, two of the fastest rising artists, would be nice someday, this is probably the closest we’ll get to that for the time being.

Summer Walker Don Toliver
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

“No Idea” is the final song included on Don Toliver’s debut studio album Heaven Or Hell and it has earned the approval of none other than Summer Walker, who performed an acoustic cover of the track for her fans. Sitting in a mood-lit room with guitar strings between her fingers, Summer issued her own rendition of the track on YouTube.

One of the comments on the video describes the vibe that Summer carries almost perfectly, describing her voice as a mix between cotton candy and Pepsi. 

Listen to the acoustic cover below and tell us if you agree.


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