Summer Walker Finds Humour In A White Girl Telling Her How To Do Her Hair


Summer Walker has been doing a fine job at keeping her fans and followers updated on her life, even before she launched into mega-success with her music. Whether it’s to showcase her fine getups, her many gifts from her man London On Da Track or even her beauty attempts, Summer has got all eyes on her. So when she came across a situation that forced her to laugh, of course, she headed to Instagram to share the incident with some of her fans who can surely relate.  

Leon Bennett/Getty Images 

The “Come Thru” singer uploaded a little story to her Instagram story about a recent time a white woman tried to tell her how to do her hair. “lmao I just had a whole white girl just come for my edges and try to tell me how to do them. the girls are getting out of control. LAWD. I know for a FACT she has never had a dry ass toothbrush, edge control & relaxer all on her bathroom counter simultaneously.”

She added: “I know for a fact she’s never had box braids, I know for a fact shes never had her scalp greased with black castor oil & YOUR TRYING TO TELL A BLACK WOMAN ABOUT HER 4c hair. Hilarious!”


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