Summer Walker Gives London On Da Track A Hilariously Violent Lap Dance: Watch


Forget about her crippling social anxiety for a minute and focus on just how comfortable Summer Walker is with her man London On Da Track. They’ve clearly got a bond that’s special, spending tons of time together and collaborating on one of the best albums of the entire year, Over It. Despite a brief breakup last month, the couple paints a picture of love on social media. London helps Summer through her anxiety and she brings the best out of his production. What more can you ask for? They can clearly make fun of themselves too, as evidenced in their latest video on social media.

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

After announcing that the majority of her tour has been cancelled to preserve her health, Summer Walker relaxed with her boyfriend in their spot, uploading a humorous clip to Instagram today. “How them hoes be dancing at the booty club, so violent,” wrote the singer as her caption, giving her boo a very aggressive lap dance. Dancing to T-Pain’s “Buy U A Drank,” Summer attacks London On Da Track with her backside, bouncing up and down with ferocity. London started off with his hand down his pants, perhaps attempting to protect his hardware, but Walker likely set back his boys a few years with this display.

She may not be comfortable on stage but with her boyfriend, she can do it all.


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