Summer Walker Hops On Remix To Trevor Daniel’s “Falling”


Rising star Trevor Daniel has tapped the princess of R&B, Summer Walker, for the remix of his breakout single, “Falling.” After climbing the charts and solidifying Trevor as an artist to watch as he tops Billboard’s “Emerging Artist” charts, “Falling” gets a much-welcomed female voice. The track’s resistance to become a heartbreak anthem by focusing on the speaker’s ability to find love again is only amplified by the addition of Summer. Trevor is no longer “Falling”‘s only voice, both literally and within the song’s story, as Summer’s inclusion turns one man’s hesitance to let someone else in into a duet of new lovers allowing themselves to trust again. Summer’s signature sonic sweetness serves to drive the remix’s omnipresent optimism home, complimenting Trevor’s vocals while still allowing him to lead on his track.

It was revealed on Twitter this week that Summer has offered her stunning vocals to the remix of yet another song. Justin Bieber announced on Wednesday that Summer had hopped onto the remix for his single “Yummy,” which has been making headlines these past few months for its surprising inability to top the charts. Bieber teased that he “might have to drop” the remix sometime next week, so stay tuned for more from Summer Walker.

Quotable Lyrics

Before you, baby, I was numb, drown out pain by pourin’ up
Speedin’ fast on the run, never wanna get caught up
Now you’re the one that I’m callin’
Swore that I’d never fall again, don’t think I’m just talkin’
I think I might go all in, no exceptions, girl, I need ya


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