Summer Walker & London On Da Track Perform Mouth-To-Mouth Skittle Transfer


We were stanning Summer Walker and London On Da Track’s relationship before we even heard how great of an album they cooked up together. London produced the entirety of Summer’s debut album, Over It, which came out two weeks ago. We’re evidently not the only ones loving it because its topping charts and breaking records. While she had the #1 spot on Billboard snatched from her by K-pop group, SuperM, Over It had the biggest streaming week ever for a female R&B artist. Yup, she surpassed Beyoncé’s Lemonade numbers. 

Summer and London have been giving us many behind-the-scenes peaks at their relationship. Our favorite moment has to have been when London surprised Summer with a hotel room covered in bouquets and rose petals to celebrate her album release. Afterwards, Summer shared a lengthy caption detailing how grateful she is to have him in her life now

While the over-the-top romance can make a heart swell, it’s surely not like that all the time. There are moments that are less picturesque. Summer and London share those two. He posted a video on Instagram of her holding out a Skittle on her tongue in wait for him to take it, which he smoothly maneuvers with a kiss. People tried to ruin the cute post by speculating that the couple was transferring a Percocet, but Summer popped up in the comments to shut down that rumor: “It’s a fucking skittle don’t nobody pop no dam percs.” 


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