Summer Walker & London On Da Track’s Baby Mama Take Their Beef To Instagram


A situation that’s all too familiar and far too childish is taking place between Summer Walker and her man, London On Da Track’s baby mother. We can’t confirm exactly how it started, but Eboni’s Instagram story is full of shots at Summer calling her “weird” and threatening to put a restraining order on her to stay away from her and London’s daughter. 

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

The public diss has sparked a response from the “I’ll Kill You” singer who’s now posted a response to Eboni. “Yo I will fly your broke ass out to come sit and talk to me face to face like a WOMAN. Your obsessed with me, all you do is talk ABOUT ME, come talk TO ME. I been wanting to take you to dinner cause I have NO issue with you. Like I’ve literally done NOTHING to you,” Summer wrote. 

“You really pressed cause you not over London but we don’t have to get into that. But stop the clout chasing…” Eboni’s response was a suggestion for Summer to have her “own baby” and stay away from London’s. 

The duo’s relationship looks to be stronger than ever and Eboni’s request for Summer to stay away is a bit of a stretch considering. We’ll have to see if London responds to the drama. 


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