Summer Walker Responds To Negative Meet & Greet Experience: “Respect My Space”


Summer Walker has never shied away from who she really is, always remaining honest and open about her struggles with anxiety and fame on Instagram. A while back the “I’ll Kill You” singer got some negative reviews from fans, (well, one in particular) who were disappointed by her meet and greet at a recent tour stop. 

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

The woman claimed Summer was quiet and “barely spoke” with anyone who waited so patiently to meet her. “There was not a care or sense of compassion for all the waiting and money spent into getting to that moment,” the woman wrote. Summer has now responded to the backlash with a post of her own to Instagram. The 23-year-old began by thanking her fans who share their stories with her when they meet before responding to the negative banter. 

“Now for those who’re upset b/c I don’t give hugs idk what to tell you…I’m an empath, and that transference of energy from that many people each day would literally KILL me.. y’all may not understand what I’m talking about but for example,”  she wrote. “There’s a lot of people out here faking the funk with a smile on their face like they got it together but inside your actually suffering from some sort of traumatic experience, a loss, depressed, fearful, envious or whatever the case may be BUT I CAN FEEL IT. So I ask you please respect my space in those moments.”

Check it out in full bellow.


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