Summer Walker’s Pole Dance Challenge Did Not End Well For One Participant: Watch


Summer Walker appears to have inadvertently initiated a pole dancing challenge. The R&B songstress reposted a video of a fan showing off her skills to a song off her newly-released debut album, Over It, and submissions continued to roll in. The third video of a fan doing this activity did not end as smoothly as the others though. 

From outset of the video, there’s foreshadowing that things are ill-fated. A woman impressively spins around a pole, but the pole’s wobbling is an evident cause for concern. Whilst spinning upside down with a Summer song playing on the TV, the pole comes unhinged and she falls with a bang. The text on the video reads: “@summerwalker I just had to get 4 stitches in my lip fucken with this new album.” 

Despite the fan’s injury, Summer got a good laugh out of the video. However, she did warn that anyone else participating in this pole dancing challenge must be careful. “IF ANYONE COULDVE HEARD HOW FUCKING HARD I JUST LAUGHED,” she writes in her caption. “OKAY LOOK. I UNDERSTAND YALL EXCITED AND IM INSPIRING YALL WITH THIS POLE SHIT BUT THIS SHIT IS DANGEROUS. LETS FIRST AND FOREMOST MAKE SURE THE POLE IS A STABLE ONE, YES? get better baby.”

Summer showed off her own pole dancing skills in the music video for her single, “Stretch You Out.” 


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