Sunday Service Choir Performs Beautiful Arrangement Of Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam”


Throughout the year, videos have been surfacing online of Kanye West’s Sunday Services. The Sunday Service Choir has travelled across America, performing Christianized renditions of Kanye’s classics and powerful arrangements of gospel tunes. When Jesus Is King was first announced, many hypothesized that it predominantly feature recordings of The Sunday Service Choir. However, they only ended up being credited on the opening track, “Every Hour”. The album ended being heavily influenced by hip hop and electronic music when people were ready for more of the divine harmonizing they heard from the choir in all those leaked videos and livestreams. 

When Jesus Is King dropped, Kanye promised a follow-up would be arriving on Christmas Day, titled Jesus Is Born. Last night, at a Christmas Eve performance, Jason White, the leader of the Sunday Service Choir confirmed that the album was still set to drop. While fans have understandably lost faith in Ye’s ability to meet his alleged deadlines, he pulled through today. Jesus Is Born is out in the world and it’s a Christmas miracle, allowing you to strengthen your faith in both Ye and The Lord. We can now add those reworked Kanye hits into our streaming service libraries. Listen to The Sunday Service Choir perform The Life Of Pablo’s “Ultralight Beam” below and have a blessed day. 


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