Super Bowl Prop Bettors Shafted As National Anthem Length Leaked


Whenever the Super Bowl comes around, sports gamblers flock to their favorite bookies and place a ton of bets on what will go down. Prop bets are usually the most entertaining things to place money on, and the length of the National Anthem is always a massive favorite. This year, Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan will be handling the honors, and recently, someone was able to time just how long the anthem is going to be.

Zach Maskavich was standing outside of Raymond James Stadium during the practice run of the anthem and in the video below, he noted that it took two minutes and sixteen seconds which is well over the average length of the anthem. As a result, he urged sports gamblers to be the over on the event.

Unfortunately, posting the video for all of Twitter to see was easily the worst thing he could have done, as bookies immediately took notice and changed the odds to better represent a time of 2:16. With this in mind, some gamblers are going to have to change up their strategies heading into Sunday.

Had Maskavich just kept this information to himself, he would have made a lot of money, but sometimes, internet clout is way more valuable than actual FIAT currency.

Super Bowl LV

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images