Supreme Facing Lawsuit Over Stolen Camo Print Allegations


Supreme has reportedly been hit with a lawsuit from Montana-based apparel company ASAT Outdoors, who alleges that the popular streetwear brand deliberately stole their copyright-protected camo design. 

According to The Fashion Law, ASAT specifically took issue with Supreme’s “Tribal Camouflage” pattern that was used on pricey jackets, pants and hats in Supreme’s Fall/Winter collection. Judging from the photos seen in the tweet embedded below, it certainly looks like ASAT has a point here.

Per The Fashion Law:

“According to the complaint that ASAT Outdoors LLC filed in a New York federal court this week, Supreme’s corporate entity Chapter 4 Corp. is on the hook for copyright infringement for its “unauthorized reproduction and public display” of a copyright-protected camo design that is “owned and registered by” Stevensville, Montana-based ASAT.”

As a result, ASAT is seeking any profits that Supreme made from the sale of the “Tribal Camouflage” or “statutory damages up to $150,000 per work infringed for [Supreme’s] willful infringement of the design,” whichever is greater, according to The Fashion Law


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