Swizz Beatz Brags “Verzuz” Is Bigger Than “Saturday Night Live”


Each Verzuz matches or supersedes the previous, making it one of the biggest platforms for artists to showcase their talents. What began as an idea years ago materialized under COVID-19 quarantine as artists and musicians were forced to come up with new ways to connect with fans. Swizz Beatz and Timbaland have made big moves with Verzuz with sponsors like Ciroc and deals with Peleton and Triller. There are also talks about having Verzuz tours in the near future and with Swizz and Tim at the reigns, there’s no limit on what may develop.

We’re fresh off of the Earth, Wind, and Fire-Isley Brothers’ match-up that is still talked about, and as they regularly do, Timbaland and Swizz hopped on Instagram Live to chat about their platform. Timbaland commented that Verzuz is the new Saturday Night Live, but Swizz thinks we’re past that. “Nah, we bigger than that,” said Swizz. “Our numbers beat SNL.”

Timbaland told him to say it one more time. “Our numbers are bigger than SNL,” Swizz repeated. “That’s not cap. That’s real talk.” The two moguls talked about the most recent Verzuz and Swizz admitted that it’s going to be hard to top that one. “It’s not about like, the best Verzuz,” Swizz added. “It’s about celebrating the creative. “

“So, some nights we gonna have the Super Bowl, and some nights we gonna have the Pro Bowl, some nights we gonna have the Rose Bowl, but we gon’ have a good time.” Check out the clip below.