SZA & Megan Thee Stallion Have A Song Together & They Should Release It


Sorry for the aggressive title, but this is an urgent matter. Too often artists tease on social media that they have collaborations together, yet they never end up being shared with the public. We cannot allow this to be the tragic fate of the SZA and Megan Thee Stallion collaboration that SZA just confirmed exists! 

This news came to us through SZA responding to fan’s questions (and demands) on Twitter on Monday. To a fan that said “girl we STILL want that SZA x Normani collab”, SZA replied that she had already expressed interest in doing this to Normani herself. Another fan popped up in the replies to make the brilliant point that there is also a widespread yearning for a SZA x Megan Thee Stallion collab. “Now das already cut n recorded,” SZA answered. The fact that she added the “girl shrugging emoji” and the “purple devil emoji” shows that she knows how cruel it is to tempt us with this information. While we’re in no place to tell artists what to do and we’re grateful for whatever music they share whenever they share it, if the song is ready to go, what are we waiting for? At least we know forsure that a Normani x Megan Thee Stallion collaboration is on its way

It’s no surprise that SZA is a Megan stan because she once exuberantly danced to “Big Ole Freak” while performing at Dreamville Fest. 


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