SZA Proudly Shows Body While Dancing To JAY-Z


Quarantine has SZA looking absolutely snatched out here.

The 29-year-old singer has been living her life these last few years, not releasing much new music at all. She seemingly found herself a new home in Hawaii and focused on her spiritual journey toward happiness, which we can’t blame her for. Although we would all love to hear what she’s been working on in the studio, that time will eventually come. For now, we can admire her from afar, taking in her natural beauty as she dances to come classic rap tunes.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

With Memphis Bleek and JAY-Z’s “Dear Summer” playing in the background, SZA whined her body along to the smooth track, taking in Hov’s words. Wearing a cute Hello Kitty filter on her face, the artist grabbed hold of her femininity and showed off her ultra-flat stomach, encouraging us all to get some abs exercises in.

The comments are filled with star-struck individuals unsure of how SZA could be so gorgeous. Of course, there are also a number of people begging for new music, which isn’t uncommon to see on her page these days.

It’s safe to say that SZA is enjoying herself during quarantine, striving in her introverted nature and finding the energy to allow us in to shower her with praise.


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