SZA Reveals Teenage Celebrity Crush & What Grosses Her Out In Light Of 29th Birthday


Today marks pretty SZA’s 29th born day and by no surprise, she’s pulled in all kinds of well wishes from her adoring fans and collaborators who’ve been blessed to work with the “Go Gina” singer. As a birthday gift to fans, SZA chopped it up with Office Magazine to answer a set of random questions that allows fans to understand her even more. 

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

One of the many questions asked SZA to describe one of the last dreams she had. “It was terrifying. It was a nightmare and it had something to do with my ex. I haven’t had any lucid dreams in a minute,” she said. SZA was then asked who her teenage celebrity crush was. “The white boy from Bring It On, he was like “…Torrance I love your pom poms, I’ll feed you bon bons,” she explained. 

As for a variety of things that gross her out, easy: “Shitty people, blood and fecal matter. I’m not grossed out by a lot.”

SZA shared her latest feature to Instagram with a caption that clarifies one of her answers. “I actually don’t mind poo. It’s the ppl,” she wrote. Peep her full feature here


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