SZA Reveals Waist-Snatching Diet


We recently covered an incredible update from SZA wherein she managed to snatch everybody’s edges bald with a body photo. The picture made waves throughout the internet as it revealed SZA’s amazing, #bodygoals-worthy photo. The TDE-affiliate is known to always wear baggy clothing that does not always show what she has going on underneath. She also underwent a huge physical transformation in the past few years and previously spoke on embracing a healthier lifestyle. And along with killing us softly via that Instagram picture, she decided to offer fans some insightful advice as to how she acquired her snatched waist.

In a response tweet, SZA shared details with a fan who asked her “what diet are you on sis?” to which SZA answered “Really don’t know a name for it lmao no red meat (mostly fish ) no dairy no wheat no sugar.. high veggie ..complex carbs only (squash , avocado . sweet potato ect) hella water dassii.” It appears pretty simple, mostly a diet consisting of whole foods and less meat. Now, the no-sugar part may be a little bit harder to maintain, but it appears to be the type of sacrifices one has to make to acquire this dreamy frame. Will you be taking on this challenge? 2020 is coming up and you could very well be your own body goals.



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