SZA Says She’s Never Owned A TV Before, Fans React


Behind all the glitz and glamour, sometimes it’s easy to forget that celebrities are regular people too. While SZA may be a Grammy-nominated artist, there are still many things the Jersey native has yet to experience. One of those things is owning her own television. 

“So I’ve never owned a television and I wanna know what’s the best brand,” tweeted the “Good Days” singer with the pouting eyes emoji. “I want one now,” she continued. The tweet sparked rich debate from the 30-year-old’s followers, some of whom called B.S. on her claims, some of whom confused the computers present on the cover of CTRL with televisions, and some of whom actually gave the singer recommendations. 

In the post for the tweet shared on The Shade Room platform, one person sarcastically penned, “Girl you’re rich buy the one that cost the most,” while another joked, “Even Patrick Star owned a TV Sis and he lived under a rock.”      

Besides shopping for her first television, the songstress is gearing up to release the highly anticipated follow-up to her critically acclaimed debut album CTRL this year. She launched the rollout for the album last summer with “Hit Different” featuring Ty Dolla $ign, then followed up at the tail-end of last year with “Good Days.”