SZA’s Still Looking Mad Cute With Yet Another Mirror Selfie


SZA must have something on the way when it comes to new music. We only say this because for the last few weeks the “Supermodel” singer has been sharing all kinds of cute selfies, photos and posts from her vacation and daily life proving that she’s on a wave that her fans want to get tapped into as well, and it’s safe to say we’re more ready than ever. 

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

The Ctrl singer has come through with yet another share to her feed, showcasing her very SZA getup with a trio of images that sees her wearing cut of trousers, patterned top, cute accessories accompanied by the perfect minimal glam. SZA recently replied to a fan on Twitter who said they are “starving” for new music. “I’d say the date me and Punch jus discussed .. but that would stress me n build uneccesary [sic] pressure.. short answer is yes,” SZA wrote, confirming that 2020 is the year for new tunes.

“Before I was like, ‘What the f-ck am I doing in the studio with Justin Timberlake right now? This is crazy,'” SZA previously said of her time working with JT. “But when I heard his music and we started singing together… It’s like, ‘Oh, we speak the same language. The same frequency.’ I understood where he was going before he could finish a run.”


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