T.I. Applauds Tiny For Being So “Tolerable” During Their Marriage


As we know, the relationship between T.I. and Tiny has been one that’s had many ups and downs. Years ago the duo split up and planned for divorce amid reports of T.I. possibly cheating but after some thought and consideration, they got back together. In a recent episode of T.I.’s beloved ExpediTIouslpodcast, Tiny made a visit and the couple talked about some of their struggles but not before Tip made it known how much he appreciated his wife. 

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“I can tell everyone how great it’s been to spend the last 9 years with such a tolerant woman. I will say she is very tolerant,” the “Whatever You Like” the rapper said. “Not very patient — but she is very tolerant, and accepting of who I am within my transition.” T.I. further explained how some women want men to come “already fixed” before marriage but time is needed for them to work on themselves. 

“That’s true, but I think a strong woman can also help with that process,” Tiny added. “We can kind of help influence by not trying to influence — by just doing being great. Just being great at what you do and making him want to change things — without making him do it.”

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