T.I. Reacts To Harlem Community Gathering After Woman Is Beaten


Last Monday, a 31-year old mother was brutally beaten in front of a Harlem liquor store by a group of men. 

She says it happened after she declined one man’s offer to pay for her.

“I politely declined, and I said no thank you, but thank you, I can pay for it myself. And I got ready to walk out. Before I walk out he basically said that he felt like I thought I was better than them,” the woman said. 

The men followed her out of the liquor store and chased her across the street, only to kick her with one man actually biting her forehead, leaving a deep wound. She says he tried to bite her eye out.

“To bite me, and do that – maul me the way that he did – with me screaming, and saying I’m just trying to get my daughter. That – that’s an animal. That’s not a person,” she said.

On Saturday night, a crowd of people gathered at the liquor store where the woman was assaulted to show their support. T.I. reposted the video of the supporters on Instagram, letting his followers know to #ProtectBlackWomen.

The demonstration was the end of a rally that began three blocks away as women, men, and children stood on the corner, speaking out against violence in the neighborhood. 

“If we don’t do it, who is? It’s our responsibility, it’s our duty to protect our women and children in our community,” said Omar Jackson, director of Stand Against Violence East Harlem.

Here’s how some people reacted to the incident and the support of the Harlem community.


The search continues for the men who attacked the woman.