T.I. Returns With Thoughtful Tribute To Nipsey Hussle


Today marks Nipsey Hussle’s death anniversary, and many have come forward to celebrate the late rapper’s memory. His girlfriend Lauren London took a moment to speak on the profound loss she continues to feel, while many of his hip-hop peers offered their own reflections. One such message came from T.I, who has been relatively quiet on social media since finding himself embroiled in a legal situation.

Nipsey Hussle Tip

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

In any case, Troubleman took the time to share a few thoughtful words on Nipsey Hussle’s legacy, looking back on what sounds like an eventful night the pair experienced in Atlanta. “It’s important to remember…Energy can not be destroyed…only transferred & redistributed,” he begins, alongside a clip of Hussle dropping knowledge in an interview. “Nip You’ve impacted the generation immeasurably & Your legacy will live on forever.”

I” miss our discussions & being able to challenge my plans & perspective by bouncing ideas off of each other over bottles of 1942 when we arbitrarily run into one another,” he continues. “Like the time you came to Atlanta & I pulled up on you & we went to see Dave Chappelle,blew gas backstage after the show and mobbed to Magic City… the 3 of us exchanging philosophy about life, society, family, future vacation plans, business, politics, street shit, real estate, religion, & pretty much anything that came up on the way to the bottom of the bottle.”

“Dave and I still talk about that night to this day & every time we do,” concludes T.I. “I can feel the same energy as that night. And it’s that energy that YOU produced and shared with so many of us that’ll live FOREVER!!! We All Love, Appreciate & Miss you Lil Bro.” Check out T.I’s message to Nipsey Hussle below, and rest in peace to the West Coast visionary.