T.I.’s Daughter Deyjah Likes Several Tweets Trashing Her Dad For “Hymen” Comment


Some things deserve to remain within the household. This is one of those. During a new episode of the Ladies Like Us podcast, Atlanta rapper T.I. made some comments that are not sitting well with fans at all. The remark was regarding his 18-year-old daughter Deyjah Harris, who he allegedly takes to the gynecologist on a yearly basis to ensure she’s still a virgin. Tip says that he attends the annual check-ups with her and peeps the results to verify if his daughter has been sexually active or not, which comes across as completely overboard for some people. It would appear as though even Deyjah herself is sick of it because, after the news broke, she started liking a few tweets about the situation.

If you take a look at Deyjah Harris’ recent liked tweets, you’ll see that she’s aware that the world now knows about her and Tip’s yearly OB-GYN meetings and she agrees with all of us that it’s definitely pretty possessive and weird as hell. The Family Hustle star caught the attention of internet sleuths when she favorited a trio of posts that criticize her father. The first one explains the sentiment on most of our minds, reading, “That is just beyond possessive.” Then, another tweet mocked Tip’s wording in the interview when he referred to the results as “his results.” Finally, the teenager seemed to co-sign the fact that this is “disgusting, possessive and controlling.”

Of course, she likely won’t come out and say any of these things herself but sometimes it’s worth it to dig a little deeper. Do you think this is enough to halt those yearly meetings with her dad?

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