T.I. & Tiny Allegations: Sabrina Peterson Responds To Shekinah’s Claims


It hasn’t been a good week for T.I. and Tiny Harris. The couple started off the week facing accusations from Atlanta entrepreneur Sabrina Peterson, who claimed that T.I. had placed a gun to her head and threatened her in front of her children. A few days later, Sabrina began posting testimonies from more of Tip’s alleged victims, who claimed that the couple are sex traffickers of women and minors. A total of nineteen women have reportedly come forward to make accusations against T.I. and Tiny.

We haven’t heard a peep from either of them regarding the latest allegations, but Tiny had been engaging in a back-and-forth with Peterson about the initial claims, calling her a clout chaser. Shekinah Jo, a close friend of Tiny’s, stepped in and alleged that Sabrina Peterson actually aided in recruiting women for the couple, saying that Peterson also had sex with T.I. and Tiny. Finally, Peterson has responded to those claims.

“Please stop telling me what a ‘fan’ turned celebrity said about me on live,” she said. “When a weapon was put to my head this was a few years before anyone knew [Shekinah]. I’m not sure how anyone can speak with such conviction about a person you have only been around to do their hair maybe 3 times and seen casually for no more than 12 hours in my entire life.”

Peterson explained further in her caption, digging deeper into Shekinah for inserting herself.

“This ‘CRYING WOMAN’ speaking with such said CONVICTION did not meet ANYONE INVOLVED OR PRESENT UNTIL YEARS AFTER,” added Sabrina. “It saddens me that people are so delusional and as I’m now realizing involved in such a sinister lifestyle that they feel the need to insert themselves. I’m not sure why anyone is going to a courthouse on someone that will only dial your number to send condolences in the case of death in the family. I spoke of a situation of violence that’s my trauma, when the victims spoke they spoke of THEIR EXPERIENCES. In the future our community shouldn’t stand so firmly on people, places and things that happened YEARS BEFORE ANYONE KNEW YOUR NAME!”

This doesn’t seem like it will be ending anytime soon. What do you make of it all?