T.I. & Tiny Talk Sex Life & Keys To Marriage


T.I. has recently started sharing his full podcast episodes from the ExpediTIously Podcast on his YouTube channel. Today, he even debuted a new episode of the podcast live on his channel, with his wife accompanying him.

We know T.I. & Tiny have had their fair share of struggles when it comes to their relationship, as they’ve documented everything quite publicly, whether it be on their reality TV series (which incidentally they’ve just announced the return of) or simply on social media. Still, in the face of it all, they’ve always come back to one another. Today, the two are tackling the topic of marriage, and how to make it work. 

ti and tiny keys to marriage podcast

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“I feel like what a lot of people say when they get married, the biggest thing I hear is that they never have sex anymore. And I’ve never experienced that, I don’t know anything about that, I don’t feel like it’s been a real change,” Tiny says, which leaves T.I. to echo: “And you never will. Not in this marriage.” Tip isn’t shy when he adds, “Where ever I can fit, that’s where I’ma get.”

“So you think that sex is the key?” Tip asks his wife.

“I think sex is the key, and conversation and trust.” Tiny replies. 

The conversation doesn’t end there. It’s over an hour long, and discusses everything from who is the ‘boss’ in a relationship, having children and much more. Check it out below.

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