T-Pain Proves Your Theories Wrong On “Think It’s A Game”


Not only has T-Pain been a cultural mainstay in the hip-hop scene, but he’s also been going heavy on the gaming for a minute now. In fact, he once described his “ideal day” as including a sixteen-hour video game binge. Not only that, but T-Pizzle has dipped his toe in the Lets Play pool, streaming games like Overwatch on his own personal gaming channel. Suffice it to say, the man is into the art of gaming, and has taken to the booth to voice his adoration to the world. Enter “Think Its A Game,” a track built on iconic sound effects from various classics.

Anyone who ever played Mario will recognize the nostalgic samples, and T-Pain tears straight through the flaming mushroom. The rapper slash singer toes the line between his dueling styles, laying down an exuberant and spirited performance. “Turn like an amp on it,” he raps. “I come and dance on it, you catch a cramp on it.” Check this one out right now, and sound off if you got love for T. Pain. 

Quotable Lyrics

You ain’t never gonna get them bags
If all you think about is concentrating on your swag

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