Tahiry Opens Up About Rejecting Joe Budden’s Proposal On National TV


Before people were playing out their relationships on reality television, Joe Budden and Tahiry Jose were sharing videos of their romance online. The good, the bad, and the ugly were on display long before the pair joined Love & Hip Hop, but it became clear that by the time they were cast members of the VH1 show, their relationship was on the decline. 

The last time Love & Hip Hop New York fans saw Tahiry on the series was when Joe dropped to one knee and proposed—only to be met with rejection. It’s been years since audiences have seen these two together, so Tahiry was pegged with questions about her relationship with Joe Budden during her recent appearance on The Real. First, she was asked if she felt bad about saying no to Joe in such a public manner. “Well, he proposed in a public place so, I mean…I don’t regret it,” Tahiry said. “I didn’t know that I was that brave. It was one of the most important chapters of my life on national TV. I believe that the show had 5.1 million viewers at the time. So, to be able to say no to the man I thought at that moment was supposed to be my forever was big.”

“I had to do what was best for me,” she said of rejecting Joe. “I knew that that ring would come with show specials, the wedding specials…we were so big. People loved us together, but I couldn’t do it. [It was] what my gut told me to do so I had to follow my gut. None of that mattered if the relationship wasn’t healthy.”

Looking back, Tahiry believes she “absolutely” made the right choice by saying no. “I have no regrets.” She added, “Of course, I love him. I love him as a person, yeah.” Her friendship with Joe currently isn’t consistent. “It depends on the day,” she said, telling the hosts that if they want to get the details on her relationship with Joe, including whether or not she’d get back together with him, “you guys have to tune in!”

However, there is still chemistry between the two. “On film, off film, we’re just fly together,” Tahiry said. “We just have fun…It’s weird. For somebody who has done so much in the past, for me to be able to just look past that and be over it and still enjoy him, it’s cool.” Watch a clip of her appearance on The Real below.

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