Talib Kweli Teases New Madlib-Produced Black Star Album


Those who respect lyricists understand that Talib Kweli is one of the great ones, especially when you factor in his Black Star work with Mos Def. And though the pair only connected for a single album, 1998’s Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star, the album has endured as a classic, a fan favorite, and a testament to the pen game of both parties.

Talib Kweli Mos Def

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To this day, there are those holding out hope that Black Star will drop off another album, as has been teased throughout the past few years. Now, Talib himself has confirmed that the pieces are coming together, and possibly rather soon. Speaking with Jimmy Fallon, with whom he actually shared a tent in Africa (“I learned a lot about white people living in a tent with you, Jimmy”), Kweli confirms that an upcoming Black Star album is actually in the final stages. He also reveals that it will be heavy on themes of racial inequality and black power, produced in its entirety by Madlib.

 “I got a new album with Diamond D,” says Talib. “Shout out legendary hip-hop producer Diamond D, but in the spirit of what we’re talking about, a lot of people have been hitting me up like ‘we need that Black Star album, we need that Black Star album.’ Me and Mos Def are in the final stages of the Black Star album. It’s produced completely by Madlib, so shoutout to Madlib and everybody at Oxnard. The new Black Star album is dealing with a lot of this subject matter. I’m working hard to get it out to the people.” 

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