Tamar Braxton Preaches Words Of Wisdom On Self-Respect: “Take A Stand”


The last time Tamar Braxton vented on social media, she had to follow up with an apology since her words on men being gay if they “don’t touch you” for three days was taken the wrong way. However, Tamar’s latest vent about knowing your worth when it comes to men won’t need an apology at all. 

Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

The Braxton Family Values star hit up social media to share a few words on a man who told her he had a dream about her that involved her begging for him to take her back. “These dudes are seriously crazy,” she wrote. Tamar then shared her tweet to Instagram and wrote a lengthy caption on how she may have once begged for somebody back, but that will never happen again 

“On my death bed my last breath will NEVER be….ooooh please take me back!!” she wrote, in a since deleted post. “See, back then I didn’t let him know I knew my worth!!!! I probably had him thinking he means more to me than me meaning more to me and that’s MY fault!!” Tamar continued to add words of wisdom for anyone in a similar situation. “We treat people how to treat us. If you stand for bullshit that’s what you are going to get. If you demand respect you’ll be treated as such!! Some of ya’ll got theses dudes heads swollen!! Take a stand and do right by you for once!”

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