Tara Wallace Gets No Help From Peter Gunz For Kids: “It’s Just Me”


The world watched as Peter Gunz was caught in a love triangle with Tara Wallace, his girlfriend of 13 years, and his wife Amina Buddafly, who he cheated with and quickly married. The Love & Hip Hop drama captivated audiences for multiple seasons, and as he bounced back and forth between the two women’s beds, Gunz would go on to have more children with them both. It’s reported that the rapper has 10 kinds by five women, and according to Tara, she’s the only person providing for the three boys that she shares with her ex.

“I don’t have any help. It’s just me,” Tara told former Bad Girls Club star, Tanisha Thomas, during an Instagram Live interview, adding that Peter is “stretched thin” financially because he has so many kids. It’s not something that Wallace frets about because, according to her, if you enter into a relationship with a man with this many children with multiple women, it’s the price you pay.

“I think that’s the part of going into a relationship in the beginning when you go into it and people have multiple children,” said the reality star. “You don’t understand what that means as a young woman dating a man with kids. You don’t know what that means until you have children…and then when you know it, it’s like you almost have to make peace with [the fact that] there’s only one of this person.”

Tara added that she takes issue with women who “don’t like to accept responsibility for anything.” She added, “It’s like, ‘Oh my God I’m always the damsel in distress! This happened to me, that happened to me!’ But when you go into situations, obviously there are things that sometimes you don’t know, but when you decide to have children with a man who has multiple children, that means that there’s going to be more responsibility on you. You’ve got to make peace with that from the beginning.”

Watch Tara Wallace’s interview below.