Tay-K’s Sister Declares His Innocence Against Murder Conviction: “Texas Is Racist!”


Before he even turned 21, Tay-K, real name Taymor McIntyre, was sentenced to 55 years in prison. The young rising rap star was convicted on murder charges, but his loved ones are hoping that the system reevaluates the case and establishes that Tay-K is innocent. We’ve continuously reported on Tay-K’s case as we’ve learned of new developments, and recently, the young rapper’s sister, Kayla Renee, penned a lengthy Facebook post detailing exactly why she believes her brother is innocent. According to Kayla, the facts speak for themselves and point to someone else being responsible, not her brother.

“He was charged and convicted of a murder that he did not commit at the age of 15, he had no weapon, he was the second youngest codefendant other than a young girl, (who’s free),” wrote Kayla. “He was in no room where anything violent happened matter of fact he wasn’t even in the home! This is all a matter of destroying and tampering w a young boys in order image to teach other rappers… (matter of a fact it’s deeper than that) other black young men a lesson.”

Kayla claims that investigators know the person who pulled the trigger and it wasn’t Tay-K. “Every codefendant testified to these facts!” she added. “They believe that Taymor should have ‘anticipated’ on another mans actions who he was no where near and had no idea of what was goin on, couldn’t even stop if he had the chance because he didn’t know!”

She also took aim at the media who she said has “been controlling in narrative w his case for 4 years” and because the rapper didn’t have a publicist or a team working by his side, Kayla believes public opinion has been swayed. “Taymor is innocent. Texas is racist!” Read through her post in its entirety below.

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