Taye Diggs’ Thirst Tweets Make The Actor Feel “Flattered” & “Embarrassed”: Watch


Taye Diggs paid a visit to Buzzfeed last week to read all the wildly inappropriate things that the Twitterverse have to say about him. These Thirst Tweets segments always produce some hilariously uncomfortable moments when the industry’s finest men are forced to read aloud the dirty stuff people think about them on Twitter, and this occasion was no exception. From Taye not knowing what a “bussy,” is to letting someone bite him (as long as they don’t have rabies), to just straight up applauding a tweet about his butt in Rent, the video is a goldmine. The highlight has to be the unexpected inclusion of a thirst tweet from none other than showrunner extraordinaire (and Taye’s former boss from his days on Private Practice), Shonda Rhimes.

As the thirst flows throughout the video, Taye goes through an array of emotions, from “excited, [but] also, a little bit scared,” to “embarrassed,” which he did not expect, to absolutely loving it, declaring: “I wanna do this again, I wanna do this every week.” He thanks everyone for the special kind of support, saying that he’s “very into” this “exposure to a certain caliber of fan.” That’s definitely one, albeit very tame, way to describe the experience, Taye.

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