Tech N9ne Looks Inward On “ENTERFEAR LEVEL 1”


Tech N9ne is one of the most open lyricists in the game, having shared countless stories with his loyal fanbase. And yet, there remain even more tucked away in the vault, some of which harken back to the darkest days. Speaking on Instagram, Tech explained his thought process behind EnterFear Level 1, explaining that “On this record, I set out to go toward subjects that I’ve never been comfortable with! I’m entering areas where most won’t go in my opinion.”

Tonally, Tech’s discomfort is evident from the opening track “Yeah No!”, a return to his darker aesthetic of KOD. On “Angel Baby,” he kicks off the guitar-driven track with not one but three literal brushes with death, a harrowing story from his all stages of his life. “On The Outside” finds Tech on his reflective flex vibe, looking back on his career and holding a spotlight to some of his past insecurities. It’s a strong offering from the Kansas City Chopper, and one well worth checking out. What do you think of this one?



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