Ted Cruz Obliterated Online For Horrendous Haircut


Ted Cruz is one of the more controversial senators in the United States. Coming from Texas, Cruz has been unashamed of his Conservative values and as a result, he tends to get a lot of flack on social media. Back in 2016, Cruz was a frontrunner to become the Republican candidate for the Presidency although he eventually capitulated to Donald Trump, who mocked his wife and his manhood throughout the campaign. Despite all of this, Cruz remained a supporter of Trump, which led to even more ridicule directed towards the Senator.

As it stands, Cruz has been occupying his time in the Senate chambers during the impeachment hearing against Trump. The former President is on trial for allegedly inciting an insurrection at the Capitol building. Of course, Cruz is a firm believer that Trump is innocent, and so far, he has mocked the Democrats for proceeding with the trial.

Ted Cruz

Tom Williams-Pool/Getty Images

While appearing at these hearings, many realized that Cruz was sporting a slicked back mullet, that made him look like a character from Eastbound & Down. While the angle of the photo made it seem like Cruz had shaved the side of his head, it turns out his hair was actually just grey, which created the odd perspective. Regardless, the internet ran with the narrative that Cruz was getting his hair done like a hillbilly, which led to some hilarity on social media.

In the tweets below, you can see exactly what people had to say on the matter, and unsurprisingly, it was all pretty funny. As for Cruz himself, we’re sure he will just chalk this up to cancel culture, which has been his main grift over these past few months.