Tee Grizzley Addresses His Brother’s Arrest On “Late Night Calls”


Tee Grizzley has been keeping up a steady pace, having only recently dropped off the brotherly duet “Gave That Back.” This time, he’s come through with a new solo cut titled “Late Night Calls,” sparking further speculation that he’s in the midst of rolling out a new project. Sadly, the track arrives in the midst of some rough news for the Grizzley camp — his young brother Baby Grizzley was recently arrested on a federal gun charge. Naturally, Tee opted to take to the booth to reflect on the circumstances, highlighting his storytelling prowess in the process.

“I got a call last night, 3 AM I know something ain’t right,” he spits. “Said my brother got caught with the pipe, fuck you mean he got caught with the pipe / ain’t gon lie that shit killed me inside / but I’m happy that he still alive / cause when I get calls at three in the morning they telling me somebody died.” He proceeds to express sadness with the fact that his brother was actively engaging in street life, especially after only recently being released from prison. It’s a tough situation, and one that has clearly taken a toll on the Detroit rapper — used to the “Late Night Calls” though he may be, it never makes them welcome. 

Check out Tee’s contemplative new track now. 


I’m like, “Brodie, I told you to chill”
You know that street shit, it’s not what it is
When you on parole, why you ain’t at the crib?
Man, get off that shit, ni**a, we gotta live 
My ni**ga, you just got a deal 
Momma just got back on appеal