Tee Grizzley Links With Scott Storch For “I Spy”


Though Tee Grizzley is one of the new most exciting new school lyricists rapping today, it’s clear he’s got respect for the legends of the game. At least when it comes to his production circles; following a fruitful partnership with Timbaland on last year’s Scriptures album, Tee has connected with the one and only Scott Storch for his latest banger “I Spy.”

Set to appear on his upcoming album The Smartest, the track doesn’t exactly deviate from the Grizzley playbook — not that it needs to. His rhymes still arrive in relentless assaults, his lyrics reinforcing his dominance on the streets and willingness to do whatever needs to be done. It seems he has found another worthy sparring partner in Storch. The legendary producer further reveals the extent of his adaptability with a signature dark banger, livened up with a quick-tempo percussive arrangement. 

Check out this new single now, and keep an eye out for Tee Grizzley’s upcoming album The Smartest, coming soon. 


Two K for some pants, ayy chopper with the stance 
Do you still got the money? Fuck what you done have 
Livin’ in the mansion, n***s livin’ in the past
Turned a penthouse in Hollywood to a trap-spot
Big MAC, no laptops, white diamonds, black Glocks

source https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/tee-grizzley-links-with-scott-storch-for-i-spy-new-song.1987054.html

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