Teejayx6 Explains “How To End A Career”


Another instructional from Teejayx6. Sure, he might not be the most lyrical rapper of all time or have a velvety smooth flow, but he does drop gems, at least for novice scammers. In the rise of Scam Rap, Teejayx6 became a staple in the subgenre with his lyrics serving as a how-to manual on scamming. His latest record, titled “How To End A Career,” is a diss track that appears to be directed at Bandman Kevo who seemingly fired shots at Teejayx6 in a recent interview. 

Teejayx6 asserts his dominance on this record and claims his opp couldn’t even survive in prison. On top of that, Teejayx6 accuses Bandman Kevo of flaunting fake cash.

Perhaps this isn’t the greatest diss track of all times but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

Quotable Lyrics
And this dumb n***as brought a knife to a gun fight
You sent some n***as to kill me but they missed like they lost sight
Sayin’ you a swiper, you can’t name one site
I heard you went to jail and got your ass beat the first night

source https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/teejayx6-explains-how-to-end-a-career-new-song.1986999.html

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