Terrace Martin Taps Arin Ray & Elena Pinderhughes For “Beige”


Terrace Martin is still busy crafting the Sounds Of Crenshaw. As he does so, he adds onto the catalog with his newest “Beige” entry. This time around, the producer and instrumentalist taps on the talents of jazz vocalist Elena Pinderhughes and crooner Arin Ray to deliver on a smooth new selection on the cut as the two voices come together to weave the tale of failing love.

It makes for a refreshing delivery from Martin as he attaches the new track a monochromatic clip that finds an unidentified young couple disconnected from one another as they continue to feed into their phones.

Quotable Lyrics

Love don’t have to be so hard
tell me how’d we get this far
love don’t have to be so hard
let down your guard

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