The “Ben Solo Challenge” Hits The Internet & Fan Reenact “Rise of Skywalker” Scene


No matter how you feel about the latest Star Wars trilogy, one thing is for sure: Adam Driver is an amazing actor. He’s gone on to star in several other heralded movies such as BlackKklansman, Marriage Story, The Report, Patterson and more. Driver’s character Kylo Ren is given a redemption arc, which brings him back together with Rey to fight their enemies. Kylo and Rey have been connected through the force in a unique way. In the film, we see Kylo snatch a necklace from Rey’s neck through the force. This is the first time we’ve seen force users transport things light-years away instantaneously. 

Later in the film, Rey uses the same trick to give Kylo a lightsaber to fight of the Knights of Ren. Once she realizes that he is no longer evil, she force transports the weapon back to him. That moment of the film has turned into a viral challenge, with participants reenacting the scene. The challenge focuses on the one moment where Ren, now back to Ben Solo, pulls out the lightsaber from behind his back. He taunts the Knights of Ren with a shrug before going in. Check out all the fans recreating the scene below. 



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