The First Trailer For The “Beastie Boys Story” Has Arrived: Watch The Video


What originally started as a four-piece hardcore punk band known as the Young Aborigines morphed into a three-man hip-hop group that would claim their legendary status in the music industry years later as the Beastie Boys. Now, Apple TV+ has revealed the first-ever trailer for the upcoming documentary starring Michael “Mike D” Diamond, Adam “MCA” Yauch, and Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz entitled the Beastie Boys Story (2020). 

Rich Polk/Getty Images

In the documentary, surviving members, Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz will narrate the world-renowned hip-hop group’s journey over the course of their four-decade friendship and business relationship. The documentary directed by Spike Jonze is also responsible for directing the following music videos for the Beastie Boys; “Time for Livin’,” “Sabotage,” “Ricky’s Theme,” “Sure Shot,” the second version of “Root Down,” and “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win.”

If it wasn’t for the Beastie Boys’ willingness to experiment with hip-hop and create “Cookie Puss,” the three-man collective most likely wouldn’t have sold 50 million albums worldwide. From 1986 to 2004, the “Intergalactic” rappers curated seven platinum-selling albums making them one of the longest-lived hip-hop collectives in mainstream music. In 2012, the Beastie Boys became the third hip-hop act in history to be inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Unfortunately,on May 4, 2012, group member Adam “MCA” Yauch passed away from cancer at the age of 47-years-old, which eventually led to the disbandment of the iconic hip-hop group. Since then, Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz have kept the brand’s name alive curating sneakers, books, and more. 

The Beastie Boys Story is set to premiere on Apple TV+ on April 24. Check out the trailer below. 


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