The Game Explains Why He’s Done Looking For “Bad B*tches”


For years, The Game has fallen for what social media loves to describe as a “bad b*tch”. The prolific rapper has taken a liking for big-bosomed ladies with equally enhanced backsides, going crazy for a certain body type, which is unattainable and unrealistic for many women. In recent weeks, Game has seemingly been reflecting on his type, realizing that he’s been pretty selective and might have been kicking the wrong girls to the curb.

This weekend, the rapper admitted what he’s currently looking for in a partner, and it may surprise you to hear that the woman’s looks aren’t too important for Game. Instead, if he finds he’s simply vibing with you, you might be lucky enough to get asked out on a second date.

Araya Diaz/Getty Images

“I’m over the pursuit of what social media deems a ‘BAD B*TCH,'” wrote Game on Twitter. “These days… If we vibe, we vibe. I don’t care what you look like… Beautiful soul over physical attributes any day. It’s the HEART for me!”

That’s the way it should be when you’re looking for a solid relationship. While your partner should obviously be attractive to you, looks aren’t everything. There are other factors to consider when choosing somebody to spend the rest of your life with. At 41-years-old, Game appears to be at a stage in his life where he wants someone to hold him down, looking for something deeper than just a quick meet-up.

What do you think of The Game’s latest message?

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