The Game Forced To Pay $7.1M Judgment After Losing Appeal In Sexual Assault Case


The Game has been trying his hardest to appeal the $7.1M judgment that he owes to She’s Got Game contestant, Priscilla Rainey. The rapper requested to have a retirial in the case but according to TMZ, he will still have to cough up the dough to Rainey. The United States Court of Appeals backed up the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division’s decision to deny The Game’s bid to a retrial. The judge slammed The Game for failing to show up to the trial before claiming that his actions towards Rainey were “deeply reprehensible.”

Kevin Winter/Getty Images 

Priscilla Rainey sued The Game a few years ago on claims that he sexually assaulted her while on set for She’s Got Game. She accused The Game of being off high off of drugs before reaching into her dress and “forcefully reaching his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks.” 

As the case and Game’s attempt to appeal the verdict went on, the rapper faced numerous problems. At one point, there was a warrant out for his arrest since he failed to turn over financial documents in the case. He managed to avoid getting arrested after finally handing over the necessary documents. 

Earlier this year, it was reported that the judge granted Priscilla Rainey motion to seize the rapper’s royalties until the judgment is paid off. 


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